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Affixes: the building blocks of English
Affixes: the building blocks of English

Thematic index of Medicine & surgery

-acusisA condition of the hearing.
-aemiaA substance present in the blood, especially in excess.
-agogueLeading or promoting.
anthrac(o)-Coal or carbon; a carbuncle.
-asisA disease or other medical condition.
ather(o)-An atheroma.
-blastAn immature or embryonic cell.
-celeA tumour, swelling, or hernia.
-centesisA puncture or perforation of a body cavity.
-dermaA disorder of the skin.
-ectomySurgical removal of all or part of a specified organ.
geront(o)-Old age or old people.
hist(o)-Organic tissue.
-iatricMedical practice or treatment.
iatro-A physician or medical treatment.
immuno-Immune or immunity.
ino-Fibrous tissue or muscle.
-itisInflammatory disease.
karyo-The nucleus of a cell.
-lagniaMorbid sexual arousal.
-laliaA speech condition or disorder.
-lepsyA seizure.
-lysisDisintegration or decomposition.
-malaciaAbnormal softening of a tissue.
medico-Medicine plus another field.
-megalyAbnormal enlargement of part of the body.
-meliaAn abnormal condition of a limb.
-metropiaA condition of the eye.
-mycinAn antibiotic compound derived from fungi.
narco-Stupor, drowsiness, or insensibility; the illicit production and use of drugs.
neur(o)-Nerves or the nervous system.
-odonticsSpecialisms in dentistry.
-omaA tumour or other abnormal growth.
onco-A tumour.
-onychiaA condition of the nails.
-opiaA visual disorder.
-opsiaA defect of vision.
-opsyMedical examination.
-osisAbstract nouns of action, state, or process.
-osmiaAn abnormal condition of the sense of smell.
paed(o)-Child; relating to children.
-pagusConjoined twins.
parieto-Body cavity; hollow structure.
-pathyDisease or disorder; treatment of disease.
-peniaDeficiency in a component of the blood.
-pexySurgical operation for fixing an organ in position.
pharmac(o)-Drugs, medicines.
-phasiaSpeech disorder.
-phobiaExtreme or irrational fear or dislike.
-phreniaMental disorder.
-plastyReconstructive surgery.
pleur(o)-The pleurae; the side of the body.
-ploidThe number of sets of chromosomes in a cell.
-poiesisProduction, formation.
poikilo-Variegated; variable.
polio-Tissue in the nervous system; grey matter.
-praxiaAction; practice.
psych(o)-The mind; psychology.
ptyalo-Saliva; salivary gland.
pyel(o)-The pelvis of the kidney.
pylor(o)-The pylorus.
-rrhagiaAn excessive flow or discharge.
-rrhaphySurgical sewing or suturing.
-rrhoeaDischarge; flow.
-some3A part of a body, especially a cell.
spasmo-A spasm.
sphygm(o)-The pulse.
spir(o)-2The breath; breathing.
-stomyA surgical operation to create an opening in an organ.
syndesmo-Connective tissue, especially ligaments.
syring(o)-A tube or long cavity; a fistula.
taeni-Ribbon; tapeworm.
terato-Monsters or abnormal forms.
-theliumA layer of body tissue.
thrombo-Blood clotting.
-thymiaA condition of the mind.
thyro-The thyroid.
toco-Childbirth; reproduction.
-tomeAn instrument for cutting; a section or segment.
-toniaMuscle tone or tension; a personality state.
tox(i)-Toxin; toxic.
-uriaA substance present in the urine, especially in excess.
varico-A varicose vein.
vas(o)-A vessel.
ventricul(o)-A ventricle.
vesic(o)-A blister; the urinary bladder.
vir(o)-A virus.
vitell(i)-The yolk of an egg.

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