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Also gynandro‑ and gyn(o)-.

In the US gyneco-

Female; relating to women.

Greek gunaik‑, from gunē, woman or female.

The branch of medicine that deals with diseases and functions specific to women, especially of the reproductive system, is gynaecology. Gynaecomastia (Greek mastos, breast) is abnormal enlargement of the breasts in men.

The related gyno‑ relates generally to women, as in gynocentric, centred on or taking a female or feminist view; gynarchy or gynaecocracy, rule by women or a woman; and gynophobia, extreme or irrational fear of women. In botany, a gynoecium is the female part of a flower, containing the carpels.

A few words combine the Greek gunē with andros, man, to make gynandro‑, to suggest a plant or animal that combines male and female characteristics, as in gynandromorph, an abnormal individual, usually an insect, that does so.

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