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Also ‑iatrical, ‑iatrics, ‑iatrician, ‑iatrist, and ‑iatry.

Medical practice or treatment.

Greek iatros, doctor.

Forms in ‑iatric are adjectives: geriatric (Greek gēras, old age), of the health care of old people; paediatric (US pediatric) (Greek pais, paid‑, child, boy), of the care of children and their diseases; psychiatric (Greek psukhē, soul or mind), of mental illness or its treatment; ‑iatrical is a rarer equivalent (psychiatrical). Nouns for the medical specialisms are formed in ‑iatrics (geriatrics) or ‑iatry (psychiatry). Names for the specialists end in ‑iatrist (psychiatrist) or ‑iatrician (geriatrician). See also ‑ic, ‑ics, ‑ian, and ‑ist.

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