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Also ‑trice.

Forming feminine agent nouns.

Latin suffix corresponding to masculine ‑tor.

Though many words in this suffix have been created since the fifteenth century, few have been common; those few that do appear mostly now do so only in formal legal contexts: executrix (the female equivalent of executor), administratrix (of administrator), and testatrix (of testator). One that has come back into use in the latter part of the twentieth century after a long fallow period is dominatrix, a dominating woman who takes the sadistic role in sadomasochistic sexual activities. Other examples, now only historical, are aviatrix, a female aviator; editrix, a female editor; and proprietrix, a female proprietor. The spelling ‑trice is an alternative form, via French, now almost totally archaic. The plural of words in ‑trix is either ‑trices or ‑trixes.

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