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Affixes: the building blocks of English
Affixes: the building blocks of English

Index of letter S

-s'Plural possessive nouns.
-s1Noun plurals.
-s2Third person singular of the present tense of verbs.
-s3Nicknames or pet names.
salping(o)-Fallopian tube.
-sanJapanese honorific.
sapro-Putrefaction or decay.
sarc(o)-Flesh or fleshy tissue; muscle.
-saurReptiles, especially extinct ones.
-saurusSee -saur
-scapeA specified type of scene, or a representation of it.
scapul(o)-The shoulder blade.
scato-Dung or excrement.
schisto-Fissure or split.
schiz(o)-Divided or split.
scler(o)-Hard; hardening.
-scopeAn instrument for observing, viewing, or examining something.
Scoto-1Scotland or the Scots; Scotland and …
se-Apart; without.
seb(o)-Oil, fat, or grease.
-sectDivided or cut.
seism(o)-An earthquake.
selen(o)-1The moon.
self-Oneself, itself.
semi-Half; a part.
semio-Sign; communication.
-sepalousHaving sepals of a given type.
Serbo-Serbian; Serbian and …
sero-Serum; a serous membrane.
sesqui-One and one half.
seti-A bristle.
-shipForming abstract nouns.
sial(o)-Saliva; salivary gland.
sinistr(o)-Left; the left side; left-handed.
sin(o)-1A sinus.
Sino-2Chinese; China and …
-sionSee -ion
-sisSee -osis
Slavo-Slavs; Slavonic languages in relation to others.
-smithA skilled worker with a specified material.
-soeverOf any kind; to any extent.
somat(o)-The body.
-some1Forming adjectives.
-some2A group of a specified number.
-some3A part of a body, especially a cell.
-somethingA person whose age falls into a given decade.
-sophyA system of thought.
-sorySee -ory1 and -ory2.
sous-Subordinate; beneath.
spasmo-A spasm.
-speakA manner of speaking.
spermat(o)-Semen or sperm.
sphaero-See sphero-
-sphereA broadly spherical object or region.
spher(o)-A sphere; spherical.
sphingo-Compounds isolated from the brain and nervous tissue.
sphygm(o)-The pulse.
spin(i)-Thorn or spine; the spine or spinal cord.
spir(o)-1Spiral; coiled.
spir(o)-2The breath; breathing.
splanchn(o)-The viscera; intestines.
splen(o)-The spleen.
spondyl(o)-A vertebra.
spongio-A sponge; sponge-like.
-sporeA spore.
spor(o)-A spore.
squam(o)-A scale.
-stSee -est2
staphyl(o)-The uvula; a bunch or cluster.
-stasisSlowing down; stopping.
-statSomething that maintains a controlled state.
stato-Resting; equilibrium; balance.
stego-Covered; hidden.
steno-Small; constricted.
step-A relationship resulting from a remarriage.
-sterA person or thing associated with an activity or quality.
sterco(r)-Faeces; dung.
ster(eo)-Solid; three-dimensional.
stern(o)-The breastbone or sternum.
-sterolA sterol.
-steroneA steroid hormone.
stomat(o)-The mouth; a opening.
-stomeA mouth.
-stomyA surgical operation to create an opening in an organ.
strat(i)-A layer; layered.
-stressA female person associated with a specific activity.
-style1In a characteristic manner.
-style2Having columns of a specified type.
stylo-1Style; stylus.
stylo-2A column, pillar, or tube.
sub-A lower level or position; somewhat or nearly; secondary action.
sulpha-A drug derived from sulphanilamide.
sup-See sub-
super-Above, over, or beyond; great or large; of a higher kind.
supra-Over or above; transcending.
sur-Over, above, beyond; additional.
sus-See sub-
-syForming nouns and adjectives.
syn-United; acting or considered together; alike.
syndesmo-Connective tissue, especially ligaments.
syring(o)-A tube or long cavity; a fistula.
sys-See syn-

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